Goodwine Office

  •  1889 –Goodwine Grain Company Incorporated. Sixty-seven stockholders subscribed for $3,000 of the capital stock, which was the original amount issued. The par value of the shares was $25.
  • 1914 –Original charter expired. The duration of the corporation was extended twenty-five years, and the capital stock increased to $5,000.
  • 1919 –Proposal to build another elevator three miles east of Goodwine. Special meeting of stockholders was called for the purpose of increasing capital stock to $40,000 and to change to the co-operative plan. The name changed to Goodwine Coop Grain Company.

Alonzo 1 001


  • 1920 – A contract between Goodwine Coop and Smith and Fring Construction Company was signed for an elevator 3 miles east of Goodwine.
  • 1920 – John Galloway was hired as manager at Alonzo.
  • 1935 – On December 20th, the Board of Directors met to sign a contract between Goodwine Coop and Lewis Meyers of Woodworth for construction of the present elevator at Goodwine.
    • The total cost of the elevator and machinery was $8,650.00
    • This replaced the elevator which was destroyed by fire earlier in the year.
  • 1938 – An agreement was signed with Illinois Power Company to add electricity at Alonzo.
  • 1941 – The company purchased the undivided portion of the bank building from the Farmer’s State Bank of Goodwine for the amount of $500. This building is the present office.
  • 1956 – On May 3rd, the Board of Directors met with S.J. Hoffman & Sons of Cissna Park to purchase two concrete, stave silos measuring 24′ x 50′ for 35,000 bushel storage.
    • The silos cost the sum of $14,545 including the machinery to load and unload.
  • 1957 – The third concrete, stave silo was purchased from S.J. Hoffman & Sons on July 15th for the amount of $6,950 including the machinery.
  • 1958 – On January 16th, the stockholders voted 79 yes and 2 no to eliminate the managers position at Alonzo and to have the manager at Goodwine operate both elevators.
  • 1959 – On February 20th, the directors met with Sam Koehl to purchase a grain storage bin. They purchased a Butler Bin, size 50′ x 160′ x 14′ for the sum of $29,702.
  • 1960 – The company purchased a second storage bin, the same size, for the amount of $28,438.
  • 1965 – At the annual meeting, the stockholders voted to increase the number of shares to 1,000 and to change the date the fiscal year ends to the present August 31st.
  • 1969 – The dryer and first large storage bin at Alonzo were purchased on May 14th, for the amount of $82,900.
  • 1972 – Alonzo’s second large storage bin was purchased on February 8th for the sum of $53,293. This brought the storage capacity to 320,000 bu at Alonzo.
  • 1973 – An overhead bin at Goodwine was purchased bringing the total storage capacity of Goodwine to 345,000 bu.
  • 1975 – A new office and scale were completed at Alonzo in time for the wheat harvest.
  • 1976 – In the spring of the year, a third large storage bin was erected at Alonzo, along with a new dump pit and a new 7,5000 BPH receiving leg.
    • The bin was a Columbian and had a capacity of 100,000 bushels.
    • Total cost of the project was $140,000.
  • 1979 – The Missouri Pacific Railroad abandoned the line that ran to the Alonzo elevator.
  • 1982 – In the summer, the Coop purchased a new cement silo from Hoffman Silo Company for the Alonzo location. The silo was designed to hold wet corn at harvest to speed up receiving time. It had a capacity of 45,000 bu. They also added a second 7,500 BPH receiving leg and new pit along with an electric manlift at Alonzo. The total cost of the project was $153,000.
  • 1982 – In the fall, due to burdensome supplies of grain, a decision was made to lease a large steel bin from the Brock Bin Company with an option to buy. The bin was erected at a cost of $168,000 and had a storage capacity of 240,000 bushels.
    • This brought the total storage capacity of Goodwine and Alonzo to 1,065,000 bushels.
  • 1983 – The office at Goodwine was remodeled to create more office space.
  • 1985 – On September 3rd, the Claytonville Farmers Grain & Coal Company was purchased at a total cost of $150,000. The storage capacity of Claytonville at that time was 486,000 bushels which increased the total company storage to 1,551,000 bushels.
    • It was decided that all three facilities, Goodwine, Alonzo, and Claytonville, would be operated as one, with Goodwine being the main office.
  • 1986 – The Board of Directors passed a motion on April 14th, to purchase a second large Brock Bin with a capacity of 240,000 bushels to be built at Goodwine by Hendrix Town & Country from Herscher, IL. Total cost of this project was $160,000. This brought total storage capacity to over 1,700,000 bushels.
  • 1987 – The board decided to purchase a 10,000 BPH leg at Goodwine along with equipment to fill and unload the Brock bins. This system also gave the elevator the capacity to load 10-15 railroad car units in one day.
    • Total cost of the project was $157,000.
  • 1988 – A motion was approved on November 7th, to purchase a 42′ x 80′ FBI truck and storage shed to be built at Goodwine for a cost of $15,223.
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