Due to inclement weather, we will be working from home the rest of today, THURSDAY, February 17th. The office and outside operations will be closed. You can still call the office phone for business. If you are having trouble with that phone number, feel free to call (815) 351-5590. Please be patient as we work to serve you as best we can! Stay safe!

Why do we exist?

Goodwine Coop exists to help farmers provide food, fuel, and products for the betterment of society.

How do we behave?

The Goodwine Coop team is hardworking, friendly and loyal.

What do we do?

Goodwine Coop buys, stores, and sells grain.

How will we succeed?

​Goodwine Coop will differentiate itself by maximizing profit when buying and selling commodities, creating the highest quality product, and efficiently transporting grain.