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The Goodwine Cooperative Grain company is the oldest operating cooperative  elevator still in business in the state of Illinois.  The company was incorporated on October 15, 1889.  The incorporators were J.H. Rosenberry, Alonzo Carman, Jehu Judy, Robert J. Geddes, and John H. Hoffman.  Sixty-seven stockholders subscribed for $3000.00 of the capital stock, which was the original amount issued.

The Goodwine facility, which is where the main office is located today, was the original facility.  In 1920, the Alonzo elevator was built 3 miles east of Goodwine.  In 1995 the Fountain Creek facility, originally known as Hopwood,  was added.  The Bryce facility was purchased in 2001 and the  East Lynn storage facility was purchased in 2007.

Today, the company has 5 locations with over 4 million bushels of storage, and 15 full time employees.  The current members of the Board of Directors are Bruce Crist (President), Steve Rapp (Vice President), Robert Geddes (Secretary), Bill Betka, Doug Van Hoveln, Scott Morts, and Keith Knapp.

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      Good morning. It’s the final morning of winter with spring arriving at 5:45 this afternoon. Grains and soybeans are modestly higher following a low volume overnight trade. The Dollar is lower this morning which is providing support to most commodities, although crude is slightly lower. Equity markets are higher.  Informa will release its estimate of 2015 U.S. acreage later this Continue Reading

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      Good morning.  Markets have had a mixed trade overnight and early this morning as fresh news is limited. SK is currently below support represented by the 50 day moving average of $10.12. There are some blocked roads in two of Brazil’s states this morning, but traffic to ports is returning to normal. Truckers have been blocking roads in RGDS and Continue Reading

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      Good morning.  The new month is beginning on a mixed note with beans trading slightly higher on uncertainty regarding the week and a half long truckers strike. The strike is reportedly occurring in only two states now as some independent truckers continue to block roadways. Beans are being delivered to ports in increasing amounts with estimates that Brazilian ports currently Continue Reading

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      Good morning. It’s the last trading day of February and markets are finding support- particularly soybeans.  The Brazilian government yesterday declared that the truckers strike was over but independent truckers in Southern Brazil have continued to block roads as they say they were not a part of the negotiations with the government. There are enough beans at ports to load Continue Reading

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      Good morning. Grains and soybeans have traded higher overnight despite a lack of much in the way of bullish influences. Soybeans are leading the way higher with some support coming from the Brazilian truck strike that has spread to 7 of Brazil’s states. Truckers are demanding that the government reduce the federal diesel tax that is cutting into their income. Continue Reading

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      Good morning. The final trading week of February is starting off on a mixed note with beans higher and grains lower. The overnight trade has been rather slow with volume about half of what would be termed normal. Outside markets are negative with the Dollar again firming and crude down almost $2. Metals are also lower this morning. The general Continue Reading

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