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The Goodwine Cooperative Grain company is the oldest operating cooperative  elevator still in business in the state of Illinois.  The company was incorporated on October 15, 1889.  The incorporators were J.H. Rosenberry, Alonzo Carman, Jehu Judy, Robert J. Geddes, and John H. Hoffman.  Sixty-seven stockholders subscribed for $3000.00 of the capital stock, which was the original amount issued.

The Goodwine facility, which is where the main office is located today, was the original facility.  In 1920, the Alonzo elevator was built 3 miles east of Goodwine.  In 1995 the Fountain Creek facility, originally known as Hopwood,  was added.  The Bryce facility was purchased in 2001 and the  East Lynn storage facility was purchased in 2007.

Today, the company has 5 locations with over 4 million bushels of storage, and 15 full time employees.  The current members of the Board of Directors are Bruce Crist (President), Steve Rapp (Vice President), Robert Geddes (Secretary), Bill Betka, Doug Van Hoveln, Scott Morts, and Keith Knapp.

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      Good morning.  Corn in a 3 cent range and beans in a 9 cent range overnight.  Market remains a back of forth affair.  Some traders have mentioned the traditionally markets rally into Thanksgiving.  Not sure that will work this week, but we’ll see.  Full trading days today through Wednesday.  Closed Thursday.  Markets open till noon on Friday.  Disjointed trading week Continue Reading

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      Corn very quiet overnight with beans in a 13 cent range.  Trade looking for something to trade to some degree.  December options expire today with enough open trades in the 3.40/3.60 area to persuade some traders we will head that direction today.  At the same time there are trend watchers who point out the market tends to rally into Thanksgiving.  Continue Reading

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